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USB Weather Station


This rugged weather station is Onset’s most durable outdoor environmental monitoring solution. Users can easily configure the HOBO U30-NRC Weather Station to fit their application needs. Use up to 15 ..

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USB Weather Station

This rugged weather station is Onset’s most durable outdoor environmental monitoring solution. Users can easily configure the HOBO U30-NRC Weather Station to fit their application needs. Use up to 15 channels to collect environmental data and then upload to HOBOware® software for analysis. HOBOware Pro is recommended for extended features, see the comparison here. The U30-NRC has four configurable systems, that can be configured below, that consist of the following part numbers: U30-NRC-000-05-S100-000, U30-NRC-000-10-S100-000, U30-NRC-VIA-05-S100-000, and U30-NRC-VIA-10-S100-000.


Highlighted Features


  • All electronics are housed within a rugged double-weatherproof, tamper-proof enclosure
  • Setup is quick and easy with plug-and-play sensors
  • Fast data offload via USB
  • Optional analog inputs with sensor excitation
  • Includes relay that can be activated on user-defined alarm conditions



In what environment does this data logger operate?

This data logger operates in indoor and outdoor environments.


What measurements does this data logger support?

The U30-NRC data logger supports the following measurements: 4-20mA, AC Current, AC Voltage, Air Velocity, Amp Hour (Ah), Amps (A), Barometric Pressure, Carbon Dioxide, Compressed Air Flow, DC Current, DC Voltage, Differential Pressure, Gauge Pressure, Kilowatt Hours (kWh), Kilowatts (kW), Leaf Wetness, Light Intensity, Power Factor (PF), Pulse Input, Rainfall, Relative Humidity, Soil Moisture, Temperature, Volatile Organic Comp., Volt-Amp Reactive, Volt-Amp Reactive hour, Volt-Amps (VA), Volts (V), Water Flow, Water Level, Watt Hours (Wh), Watts (W) and Wind

*As of 2020, this system may be discontinued due to the following system, being the RX3000, succeeding this system.

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10 Ah rechargeable battery is included in your purchase. The battery will start to run down if it is not recharged. Therefore, the system requires either a solar panel or an AC adapter plugged in to ensure the battery does not run too low. Even rechargeable batteries eventually fail, and will not be able to be recharged. However, you can order replacement batteries when the time arises. HOBO data loggers require HOBOware software and a communications cable (#CABLE-USBMB). HOBOware Pro Mac/Win has the USB cable included in your purchase. (#BHW-PRO-CD)


See the User's Guide for more information.


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  • HOBO U30-NRC Station Data Logger
  • Mounting kit
  • Grounding wire
  • Cable entry and sealing kit
  • Optional analog sensor port (if ordered)
  • Optional sensor expander board (if ordered)
Enclosure Dimensions 17.8 H x 11.7 D x 19.3 W cm (7.0 H x 4 .6 D x 7.6 W inches)
Enclosure Material Outer enclosure: ABS blend with stainless steel hinge pins and bronze inserts Inner enclosure: Polycarbonate with bronze inserts
External Input
External Input Range User-configurable: 0–20 mA DC, 0-2.5 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, or 0–20 VDC
Alarm Notification Latency Maximum of 15 (some sensors use more than one data channel)
Enclosure Access Hinged door secured by two latches with eyelets for securing with user-supplied padlocks
External Power External power is required. The system optionally accepts the following Onset solar panels:SOLAR-1.2W, SOLAR-3W, SOLAR-6W. Alternatively it accepts an AC power adapter:AC-U30
Logger Battery Life Typical 3–5 years depending upon conditions of use. Operation within the extended operating range (but outside the normal range) will reduce battery service life.
Logger Battery Type 4 Volt, 4.5 AHr or 10 AHr, Rechargeable sealed lead-acid
Logger Environmental Rating Weatherproof enclosure, tested to NEMA 6. (Requires proper installation of cable channel system)
Logger Memory Nonvolatile flash data storage, 512K bytes local storage
Logger Operating Range -20°C to 40°C (-4°F to 104°F)
Logger Time Accuracy 0 to 2 seconds for the first data point and ±5 seconds per week at 25°C (77°F)
Logger Weight 2 kg (4 lbs 10 oz)
Logging Rate 1 second to 18 hours, user-specified interval
Memory Modes Stop when full, wrap around when full
Operational Indicators Up to six (depending upon options) status lights provide basic diagnostics
Sensor Connectors Compatible with most Onset smart sensors, except for the S-BPA, S-TMA and S-THA
Cable Entry Bars Aluminium with ABS plastic thumb screws
Cable Entry Channel EPDM rubber
Gaskets Silicone rubber
Inner Enclosure Polycarbonate with bronze inserts
Logger Mounting 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) mast or wall mount
Logging Interval 1 second to 18 hours, user-specified interval
Outer Enclosure ABS blend with stainless steel hinge pins and bronze inserts
Sensor Network Cable Length 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) mast or wall mount
U-bolts Steel with zinc dichromate finish
Optional Analog Sensor Port Specification
ADC Resolution 12 bits
Analog Sensor Accuracy ± 0.25% of FSR from 50mV to FSV
Excitation Power Switched 12 VDC, up to 50 mA; user-selectable warm-up from 5msec to 2 minutes
Field Wiring wo- or three-wire via screw terminals on the detachable connector, 16–24 AWG.
Input Channels Two, single-ended
Input Range User-configurable: 0–20 mA DC, 0-2.5 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, or 0–20 VDC
Minimum Current Source Impedance > 20 KΩ
Minimum/Maximum Input Current 0 / 24 mA DC
Minimum/Maximum Input Voltage 0 / 24 VDC
Replacement Detachable Connectors Part of spares kit, Part No. A-FS-CVIA-7P-1