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On-site Service

  EUCA can perform the following On-site Services during normal business hours 08:00 - 16:30, Monday to Friday  Our qualified service technicians can travel to your facility to keep an eye on yo..

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On-site Service


EUCA can perform the following On-site Services during normal business hours 08:00 - 16:30, Monday to Friday 

Our qualified service technicians can travel to your facility to keep an eye on your networked monitoring solution. EUCA's on-site service includes the installation, qualification/validation, calibration and maintenance of prior EUCA installations and devices. Implementation of your GxP operation can be supported On-site by our experienced team of GxP technicians. Products in need of further maintenance, repair or calibration can be sent to our EUCA In-house technicians for an Off-site Service if necessary.


Installation & Configuration

After a Risk Analysis (RA) report of your current environment and the draft-up of your Design Qualification (DQ), EUCA can then assist in the installation and configuration of your select monitoring devices. We will position and connect your data loggers as per our site analysis and your requirements. EUCA will also configure and set-up the appropriate software applications for your monitoring system, so you can receive digital reports and alarm notifications.


Track your data with EUCA's Software



Maintenance, Data Back-up & Recovery

EUCA can run scheduled check-ups at your facility to asses your monitoring devices functionality and ensure constant consistency within your environment. Additional tests to assess UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and alarm transmission can be arranged.

Data back-up and recovery can be performed in addition to our check-ups if requested by the customer. All data back-up methods available at EUCA are used in order to save and analyse data that has been recorded and stored by your data loggers, this can help determine which data is reliable, within compliance vs. what is not within range or use. Data recovery can be performed by EUCA's team which involves specialist methods to read out existing data that is still stored on the customer’s data logger. If data can be recovered, an interpretation of the data is performed (what kind of data has been read out, are date and time stamps plausible, what data is trustworthy and from when on data might not be reliable anymore). In case of successful data recovery, the customer receives the recorded data in electronic format.


EUCA's check-up & maintenance can include:

    1. Visual inspection of device and display function

    2. Check-up of logger programming and readout functionality

    3. Plausibility check of external channels and internal sensors (either done by electrical assessment or calibration)

    4. Replacement of internal batteries for the device if necessary



Do you require calibration of your monitoring devices but can't afford the downtime? EUCA's calibration experts can carry out a consultation & implementation protocol which ensures that your monitoring devices are calibrated to SANAS ISO-17025 standard, all while minimizing the inconvenience & impact off-site calibration has on your operation schedules

On-site calibration allows you to rotate calibrate your devices a few at a time, while the rest of the devices remain in position continuing to log data until all loggers have been cycled through and calibrated. This drastically decreases the amount of operation downtime & improves the integrity of your monitoring data history.


EUCA's GxP Calibrations



Repairs, Continuous Monitoring & Disposal of Devices

A successful repair by our EUCA technicians fixes all detected errors found with your data loggers, which can be assessed on-site and repaired off-site.

If the customer requires EUCA can provide you with temporary replacement loggers should you require continuous monitoring during off-site calibration or maintenance.



Many of the components used to manufacture your data logger can be broken down and repurposed for use in new electronic equipment. Send your no longer functioning or beyond repair monitoring devices (data loggers) to us for appropriate e-waste disposal & start paving the green path with EUCA!