Wireless Barometric Pressure SenseCAP - SC206
Wireless Barometric Pressure SenseCAP - SC206
Wireless Barometric Pressure SenseCAP - SC206

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Wireless Barometric Pressure SenseCAP

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* About SenseCAP

Among the first launch of the Seeed industrial IoT (IIoT) product series, SenseCAP is focusing on wireless environmental sensing applications: smart agriculture, precision farming, and smart city, to name a few. It consists of hardware products (sensors, data loggers & gateways, etc.), software services (SenseCAP portal, mobile App, open dashboard), and an API for device & data management.

The Wireless Barometric Pressure SenseCAP measures atmospheric pressure between the range of 300~1100 hPa. Featuring high-precision, stability, and high EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) robustness, this sensor is suitable for industrial applications such as weather stations, outdoor farms, tea plantations, greenhouses, and more. 

This device incorporates a built-in LoRa transmitter based on SX1276 for long-range transmission, a barometric sensor, and a custom battery. It is specifically designed and optimized for use cases powering end devices with the same batteries for years. To minimize the power consumption, the device wakes up, transmits the collected air pressure data to the gateway, and then goes back to sleep.

Download the specification documents

V1.1 User Manual


V1.3 user manual



  • Support LoRaWAN protocol Class A
  • High reliability and stability
  • Ultra-wide-distance transmission: between 2-10km (environment dependant)
  • Battery life ≥ 8 years
  • Rapid installation and deployment


In what environment does this device operate?

This device operates in both indoor and outdoor environments, some applications include smart agriculture, smart building and industrial control, environmental monitoring and various other wireless sensing applications.

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