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Create a smart farming ecosystem with SenseCAP

The SenseCAP range from Seeed is a smart, cost effective way to turn agriculture into agri-tech. With the ability to monitor different aspects of a farm, we can account for situations that we may have missed without accurate data.

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What is agri-tech and how can this benefit your agricultural operation?

Agri-tech IoT involves the use of sensors and a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, such as LoRaWAN, to enhance your operations, cut costs and increase crop yields. With Seeed's SenseCAP sensors, farmers can now monitor different conditions on the farm such as temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 as well as soil moisture, temperature and EC, all with unparalleled precision. The sensors collect data in real-time, and through a LoRaWAN gateway, transmit the data to the cloud for analysis.

LoRaWAN is a wireless communication protocol that can transmit data over long distances with low power consumption, making it an ideal solution for farmers operating in remote areas. After the data is collected, it is analyzed, providing farmers with valuable insights into their farm's conditions. For example, it can identify areas where water is being wasted or crops that are not growing correctly. These insights can enable farmers to make changes to their farming techniques, optimise the use of resources, and increase crop yields.

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The use of agri-tech IoT with SenseCAP sensors like the SenseCAP S2101- Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor and the SenseCAP S2103 CO2, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor, and a LoRaWAN gateway, can allow farmers to remotely monitor their farm operations. Giving better indications of when to turn irrigation systems on or off or by allowing the accurate adjustment of temperature and humidity levels in a greenhouse. Along with the use of EUCA’s software, Nvirosense, which is able to visualize the data collected by the sensors in real-time, farms are always in the know when in comes to their agricultural assets. Overall, creating an agri-tech ecosystem using SenseCAP sensors and a LoRaWAN gateway can help farmers make informed decisions, which will increase efficiency, profitability and lessen environmental impact.

Grapes of Change

A Portuguese grape-growing company has begun using SenseCAP industrial wireless IoT products, including SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Gateway, data logger, as well as the SenseCAP S2102 Light intensity sensor and the SenseCAP S2104 Soil moisture and temperature sensor, to collect environmental data for use in machine learning algorithms to improve agricultural sustainability, resource efficiency, and yield accuracy. They were subsequently able to reduce water usage by 15%.

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The collected data will be used to improve target domain-specific algorithms, including both supervised and unsupervised learning methods, to reduce water consumption, lower operating costs, and improve production estimates. By using these innovative technologies and methods, these viticulturists hope to improve agricultural sustainability while producing high-quality grapes and wine. You can find the full story here.

Agriculture and beyond


The use case extends to all areas of agriculture and beyond, above is an interactive 3D mockup of the SenseCAP ecosystem set up in a greenhouse environment. There are endless situations and projects where SenseCAP can be beneficial if you have a project you would like monitor in more detail, feel free to reach out.

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