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In transit assets are possibly exposed to a number of adverse conditions, such as extreme temperature fluctuation, possible impact within the transport vehicle or theft, now wouldn't it be great if you could foretell when these problems might arise?

Now you can, by monitoring potentially hazardous conditions with a dynamic GDP monitoring solution from Euca you can solidify the credibility and integrity of your assets whilst they are in transit, ensuring the safe arrival of your product to your customer at the end of the day.

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OnsetPendant Mounting Boot
Sale priceR 0.00
ElproDry Ice Temp USB Data Logger
Sale priceR 3,036.98
OnsetLight Pipe
Sale priceR 946.18
OnsetLight On/Off Data Logger
Sale priceR 3,727.36
OnsetHOBO Pendant G Data Logger
Sale priceR 3,153.92
OnsetPro v2 External Temp
Sale priceR 6,881.28
OnsetPro v2 Temp/RH
Sale priceR 6,021.12