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Transforming cold chain through collaboration

Discover the cutting-edge collaboration between EUCA Technologies and Seeed in the world of monitoring systems. From environmental management to logistics, the innovative T1000 tracker and NviroSense platform can transform cold chain. Explore the advanced features and see how this technology is shaping a more efficient and responsible future.
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Data Monitoring

South African monitoring systems integrator, EUCA Technologies, is assisting companies to improve monitoring and data collection with an array of sensors for a wide range of applications in industries such as environmental management, agriculture, energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.

cold chain logistics in pharmaceutical and healthcare

Having end-to-end supply chain visibility means that business associates have clarity throughout the entire process of the supply chain from beginning to end. Products such as the T1000 Tracker provide visibility and security by monitoring products from road to ocean. It can be deployed into containers, storage rooms, and trucks. With its integrated GNSS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth technology, it offers precise indoor & outdoor location tracking, months of battery life, and temperature, light, and motion sensors while storing 500+ of local records. EUCA has harnessed the capabilities by powering it with the Nvirosense Environemtal Monitroing eIOT SaaS Platform.

Working Together

We began the project in collaboration with Seeed, who supplied the T1000 tracker as the testing sample (and the T1000 Tracker is now available on Kickstarter). "The idea was to create a multifunctional tracking system, and we quickly identified the need for location-based alerts," says Kaai Goosen, one of our developers. This led to the development of the geofencing feature, where we implemented three options: an alarm when the device leaves the geofence, an alarm when it enters, and an option to disable the alarm, to ensure flexibility for various use cases.

nvirosense geofencing

Recognising the importance of emergency features, we integrated a panic button that activates a pulsing red dot, providing an immediate visual cue. This also displays the last known location of the device, adding an extra layer of security.

Nvirosense SOS

Exploring additional functionalities for the tracker, we developed temperature and light intensity monitoring. These were represented as percentage-based readings, which could have practical applications like detecting when a box is opened/closed. We also decided to include visual data representation and implemented charts for temperature and light intensity. This would aid in analysis and provide a comprehensive view of environmental conditions.

nvirosense temperature and light intensity

Reflecting on the project, the successful integration of diverse features into one platform was a significant achievement. The collaboration with Seeed and the innovative thinking that went into the software led to the creation of this multifaceted tracking system. There's potential for further enhancements and applications in various fields, and we are excited about the possibilities this software opens up.

The benefits of monitoring have been astonishing these past few years. Although alone, monitoring does not make for ultimate triumph. Awareness of the need to collaborate throughout the whole process from start to end is vital for visibility, business associates, and supply chain personnel need to work together and be involved with each other in their processes, sharing data, ensuring both ends are actively in the know of the information being sent and received.

Embracing the astonishing benefits of modern monitoring, the industry recognises that collaboration and data digitisation are essential. 

EUCA has been diving deeply into data digitisation. Long-range information sending is a new technology that is changing the future of monitoring, devices that no longer need a global system for mobiles (GSM) or sim cards. The T1000 tracker, with its compact LoRaWAN® capabilities, represents a significant advancement in this field, offering seamless global region switching and a decentralised gateway network for location provenance.

Nvirosense: Enhancing Capabilities with Advanced Software Features

nvirosense dashboard

Track and Traceability

NviroSense's ability to provide track and traceability is a game-changer across various industries. In the pharmaceutical sector, it enhances tracking in the supply chain, including manufacturing, delivery, and temperature monitoring, ensuring product integrity and compliance. Within the cold chain, it monitors goods in transit for temperature, humidity, and exposure, providing traceability that supports regulatory standards. In logistics, it enhances location tracking and route optimisation, providing transparency in the shipping process and ensuring timely delivery.

Route Tracking and Verification

With NviroSense, route tracking and verification become more efficient and insightful. In logistics, it offers advanced route-tracking capabilities that reduce fuel consumption and enhance security, contributing to overall efficiency.


NviroSense's ability to generate reports adds value in various sectors. In healthcare, it provides a centralised platform for patient care, equipment maintenance, and personnel management, enabling continuous improvement and compliance. In agriculture, it works together with the T1000 tracker to monitor farming equipment, personnel, and produce, with additional weather and soil condition insights. Reports on these data points lead to more sustainable farming practices.


Transparency is key in modern business, and NviroSense delivers. In environmental monitoring, it offers tools for monitoring and tracking valuable assets, personnel safety, animals, wildlife, endangered plants, and trees, providing transparent insights into conservation efforts. Additionally, all data is stored securely on a server, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and accessible only to authorised users.


NviroSense's geofencing feature is a versatile tool that can be applied across industries. It allows users to define virtual boundaries and receive alerts when tracked objects enter or exit these areas, enhancing security and control.


NviroSense enhances the capabilities of the T1000 tracker through advanced tracking and monitoring features. By providing a unified platform that adds significant value to the T1000's existing functionalities. This integration represents a powerful solution tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries, paving the way for a more efficient and responsible future.

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