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GxP Mapping

Our Thermal Mapping Services

Do you require a mapping report for your temperature controlled storage facility to maintain GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) -compliance? Figuring out how to allocate the time and resources to complete mappings and compile reports is simple with EUCA's GxP Thermal Mapping procedure.

How can we help?

EUCA's Thermal Mapping is the simplest, and most efficient way to obtain a GMP-compliant mapping report. No need to replace loggers or equipment time and again, the easiest way to compliance. Regardless of your location, we don’t even have to access your site. Perhaps you prefer to send us a copy of your environments floor layout/plan instead, whatever the requirements we have the best monitoring solution for you and your environment.

gxp mapping


1. You provide us with a floor plan of your facility or you can Contact Us to set-up a time/date for EUCA to survey your site. Based on the size and layout of the environment/facility, our experienced mapping technicians determine the location and number of measuring points your environment will require.

- EUCA can also run Risk Analysis (RA) reports - locating your no threat areas vs. high threat areas which could implicate certain product requirements.

2. EUCA's qualified mapping technicians use your floor plan to determine the measurement point placements you will need. EUCA can configure and label the calibrated Loggers, which can be mailed to your site with instructions for placing and starting or you can contract EUCA to do the entire setup and maintenance of the instruments in your environment through a proposed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

- We can help with this too - go to EUCA Support and let us know what else your facility might require in order to run at spec.

3. Once we have received the data files from the logger software, EUCA then will compile a final GxP Thermal Mapping report, which includes graphs for each measuring point and calibration data for each instrument. From this data, you can draw your conclusions based on our summary.

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