24/7 off site support

Have you purchased and installed a monitoring solution from EUCA?

Operate your system in a GxP-compliant manner

Our technicians will visit your facility for calibration, adjustments & maintenance to your system if need be. Ensuring the liability of your data: now and for the future with our on-site and off-site support. You can also set up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) proposal, which contracts us to ensure the efficiency & maintenance of your system.

On-Site Services

Euca's On-site Services include the installation, qualification/validation, calibration and maintenance of Euca supplied installations and devices - implementation of GxP projects are supported by our experienced team of GxP technicians.

Service Maintenance Level Agreement (SLA) - Designed to Meet Your Expectations
As a preventative maintenance measure, our SLA ensures that the system monitoring your critical environment:

1. Experiences minimal downtime 
2. Performs optimally & accurately 
3. All reports required by the control council, taken care of 
4. We can also assist in annual calibrations as per customer requirements
5. We will provide you with your own custom-designed SLA that personally meets the requirements of your compliance protocol.

All data loggers can be sent to EUCA for Off-site servicing.

Off-site Services

Euca’s Off-Site Service includes maintenance, repair and calibration of mobile data loggers and accessories at our certified laboratory. Send us your monitoring equipment to prolong the service life of your investment and keep on track with your core business.