Split-Core Bi-Polar DC Transducer Sensor - T-VER-971BP-200


Split-Core Bi-Polar DC Transducer Sensor

Sale priceR 5,422.08

Split-Core Bi-Polar DC Transducer sensor that measures up to 200 Amps of DC current in both flow directions.

Requires analog port selection during U30 system configuration and use of a S-FS-CVIA when using the H22-001 data logger. When using a U12 data logger, this sensor requires a 4-20mA input cable (CABLE-4-20mA) and external power provided by an AC adapter (AC-SENS-1). When configuring this with an RX3000 system, it requires a analog module (RXMOD-A1).

Note: For measurements larger than 120A the device must be powered by a minimum of 15V to maintain expected accuracy.


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Data Sheet

Highlighted Features

  • Measures current flow in both directions which is especially beneficial for Solar PV applications.
  • Adjustable span range
  • Small size, split-core for ease of installation


In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in an indoor environment.


What measurements does this sensor support?

The T-VER-971BP-200 sensor supports the following measurement: DC Current


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