AZ 8008 - Combo Tachometer - Back view
AZ 8008 - Combo Tachometer - Front view
AZ 8008 - Combo Tachometer - Top view
AZ 8008 - Combo Tachometer - Bottom view

AZ Instrument Corp.

Pocket 2 in 1 Tachometer

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The AZ 8008 Combo Tachometer can measure the rotation speed of a shaft and can be used in the automobile, motor, and machinery industries.


User Manual

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Highlighted Features

  • Contact rotating object via convex or concave contact tips.
  • Measure RPM from 10 to 99999 RPM.
  • Four rotation speed units are switchable in contact mode: rpm, m/min, ft/min, yd/min.


In what environment does this instrument operate?

The AZ 8008 Combo Tachometer is suitable for environments including the vehicle industry.


What measurements does this instrument support?

The AZ 8008 Combo Tachometer supports revolutions per minute measurements.

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