AZ 8352 - Water EC, TDS, Salinity & Temperature Pen - Front View

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Water EC, TDS, Salinity & Temperature Pen

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Select Measurements::AZ8373: TDS, Salinity & Temperature

The AZ 8352/8362/8372 and 8373 Water Conductivity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Salinity and Temperature Meter is a compact and easy to use handheld water meter. Suitable for monitoring saltwater fish tanks and the salinity measurement produced as a % makes this device useful to the food and beverage industry.

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Highlighted Features

  • Large dual LCD display with constant up to date measurements of EC, TDS or Salinity
  • Auto racing of salinity % in high ranging concentrated solutions
  • Calibration values are adjustable & can be reviewed
  • Wider measuring range allowing for more display units

Available Measurement Combinations:

  • AZ8352: Conductivity (uS/mS) & Temperature
  • AZ8362: Conductivity (uS/mS) & TDS (ppm/ppt) & Temperature
  • AZ8372: Salinity (ppm,ppt, %, specific gravity) & Temperature
  • AZ8373: TDS (ppm/ppt) Salinity (ppm, ppt, %, specific gravity) & Temperature