AZ 84051 - pH/COND./SALT/TDS/DO Meter - Front view with D.C Probe
AZ 84051 - pH/COND./SALT/TDS/DO Meter - EC/TDS/SALT Probe
AZ 84051 - pH/COND./SALT/TDS/DO Meter - pH Probe

AZ Instrument Corp.

Combo Water Quality Tester

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The AZ 84051 Combo Water Meter can measure multiple parameters, namely pH conductivity, salinity, TDS, and dissolved oxygen by changing to the appropriate probe.

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Highlighted Features

  • 99 points memories with recall function.
  • Green backlight for dark environment.
  • Probes are easily replaceable for measuring different parameters.


In what environment does this instrument operate?

The AZ 84051 Combo Water Meter is suitable for all professional water monitoring purposes, including the aquaculture, aqua farm, laboratories, swimming pool or water treatment plants, or other related industry, no matter the fresh or sea water.


What measurements does this instrument support?

The AZ 84051 Combo Water Meter measures pH meter, conductivity meter, Total Dissolved Solids meter, Salinity meter or Dissolved Oxygen.

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