ORP Pen Quality Tester
ORP Pen Quality Tester
ORP Pen Quality Tester

AZ Instrument Corp.

ORP Pen Quality Tester

Sale priceR 2,842.13

The AZ 8552 ORP Pen can measure the oxidation-reduction potential value from -999mV to 999mV.

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Highlighted Features

  • Real-time ORP display in mV.
  • Compact pen size making it easy to fit in pockets.
  • Storage solution bottle to keep ORP sensor wet & last lifetime.


In what environment does this instrument operate?

The AZ 8552 ORP Pen is including the aquaculture, aqua farm, swimming pool, cooling tower, hot tubs or other related industry.


What measurements does this instrument support?

The AZ 8552 ORP Pen supports ORP measurements.

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