AZ 8694 - Sharp Tip pH Meter - Front View
AZ 8694 - Sharp Tip pH Meter - Application

AZ Instrument Corp.

Sharp Long Probe pH Meter

Sale priceR 5,137.69

This pH pen has an IP65 rating and displays real-time pH and temperature on its large LCD display, and has a stability indicator. This handheld instrument has one-touch auto-calibration for up to 3 points, and calibration values can be adjusted. 

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Highlighted Features

  • This device features a hold function in order that allows the user to freeze the current reading making it easy to read.
  • The compact design and small form factor make this device easy to fit in pockets and transport.
  • A storage bottle keeps the sensor wet allowing this device to last a lifetime.


In what environment does this instrument operate?

The 8694 AZ Long Tube pH Pen can be used in areas such as laboratories, aquaculture, aqua farm, swimming pools or water treatment plants.


What measurements does this instrument support?

The 8694 AZ Long Tube pH Pen can be used for pH and temperature measurements.


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