AZ 8925 - Handheld Sound Level Meter - Front View
AZ 8925 - Handheld Sound Level Meter - Back View

AZ Instrument Corp.

Sound Level Meter

Sale priceR 3,060.75

The most cost-effective, best selling meter features a digital display and analogue bar graph with auto/manual ranging, 4 measurement ranges in 10 steps. This meter has several options that can be selected, such as max hold, fast/slow response and A/C weighting. The meter can easily be calibrated and has an analogue output.


User Manual

data sheet

Highlighted Features

  • This sound level meter features a unique background noise absorber.
  • The LCD display features a digital display as well as an analogue bar graph
  • Can be easily calibrated using a standard calibrator.


In what environment does this instrument operate?

The 8925 AZ Temperature USB Data Logger can be used in areas such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and industrial related application. The user could capture sound level data via the USB interface.


What measurements does this instrument support?

The 8925 AZ Bluetooth Sound Level Meter can be used for acoustic (sound that travels through the air) measurements.


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