Barometric Pressure Sensor HWS - S-BPA-CM10


HWS Barometric Pressure Sensor

Sale priceR 3,520.00

The Barometric Pressure Sensor provides average barometric pressure for each data logging interval over the range of 660 mb to 1070 mb (19.47 to 31.55 inHg). The operating temperature range for this sensor is -40° to 70°C (-40° to 158°F); sensor survival is supported from -20° to +70°C (-4° to +158°F). This specialized smart sensor must be used inside a data logger enclosure to assure protection from direct exposure to the weather.

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Data Sheet

User Manual

Highlighted Features

    • Specialized smart sensor

    • Range of 660 mb to 1070 mb (19.47 to 31.55 inHg)

    • Compatible with H22 data loggers


In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in an outdoor environment.


What measurements does this sensor support?

The S-BPA-CM10 sensor supports the following measurement: Barometric Pressure


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