Universal Optic USB Base Station - BASE-U-4


Universal Optic USB Base Station

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The Universal Optic USB Base Station and couplers are used to offload data from any HOBO® data logger with an Optic USB interface. The splash-resistant Optic USB Base Station connects to your computer via USB, while connecting to the data logger via an appropriate coupler. This is compatible with the HOBO UA, U20, U22, U23, UTBI, U24 & U26 series.


NOTE: Couplers for all compatible data loggers are included with the BASE-U-4. Couplers are included for compatibility with six of our most popular data logger types including UA Pendants, U20 water level data loggers, the U22 Water Temp Pro v2, our UTBI TidbiT, U24 Conductivity,y and U23 data loggers.


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Data Sheet

User Manual

Highlighted Features

  • Provides fast optical infrared (IR) communication for easy logger launch and readout of HOBO Pendant Event data loggers
  • Connects via USB to a host computer
  • Offloads full 64K logger in 30 seconds
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