AZ  7530 CO2 Controller With Remote Sensor - Front Side

AZ Instrument Corp.

CO2 Controller

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This device uses an accurate 2-Channel low drift NDIR CO2 measurement, as well as an external CO2 sensor which may be used in closed spaces. The device displays a real-time CO2 value as well as a CO2 chart with variable time zoom levels and has a max/min recall function as well as a programmable CO2 zone value and CO2 centre value to control output power on/off. The device has an audible alarm that warns of CO2 concentration, a target zone indicator as well as a built-in day/night auto-detection in order to override CO2 control. 



User Manual

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Highlighted Features

  • Accurate 2-Channel low drift NDIR CO2 measurements
  • 4.5m cable & external probe
  • Programmable CO2 zone value & CO2 centre value to control output power on/off
  • External CO2 sensor to be used in closed space
  • Displaying real-time CO2 values
  • Display CO2 chart with variable time zoom levels
  • Max. /Min. readings recall function
  • Audible alarm warns of CO2 concentration
  • Target zone indicator
  • Built-in day/night auto-detection to override CO2 controller
  • Monitor & control CO2 values in Greenhouses, residential and commercial buildings


In what environment does this instrument operate?

The 7530 AZ CO2 Controller has can be used for CO2 monitoring of indoor air quality. It could be operated in most indoor working environments, offices, hospitals, schools, stations, residential living, commercial buildings, or within greenhouses.


What measurements does this instrument support?

The 7530 AZ CO2 controller supports: Carbon dioxide measurements only


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