Temp/RH, CO2 Monitor
Temp/RH, CO2 Monitor
Temp/RH, CO2 Monitor

AZ Instrument Corp.

Temp/RH, CO2 Monitor

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What measurements does this instrument support?

The 7729 AZ CO2 Monitor  is an accurate, fast, smart and easy-to-use indoor air quality monitor. In addition to measuring the CO2 concentration, it also measures the ambient temperature, relative humidity and display the hazardous level. This monitor is developed to detect the presence of CO2 in ambient air and helps user to take care of Indoor Air Quality. 

In what environment does this instrument operate?

The 7729 AZ CO2 Monitor could be widely use in the office building, school, exhibition hall, shopping mall, meeting room, fitness center, restaurant and other public places where personal comfort and healthy are important. 

The 7729 AZ CO2 Monitor was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer of CO2 Meter.


User Manual 
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Highlighted Features

  • Super large LED displays CO2 value, humidity and temperature readings simultaneously
  • Wall mount display with light bar to provide easy reading from far distance
  • Touch panel to program the setting
  • Designed with high accuracy NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) waveguide technology CO2 sensor
  • 22 cm long 3-color light bar (green / yellow / red) gradually changes color with CO2 concentration
  • CO2 automatic background calibration(called ABC) for long time drift compensation
  • Buzzer alarm function is included

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