CX5000 Gateway
CX5000 Gateway
CX5000 Gateway
CX5000 Gateway
CX5000 Gateway


CX5000 Gateway

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The CX Gateway links your InTemp data loggers seamlessly to the InTempConnect cloud-based data platform to provide real-time alert notifications for InTemp loggers automatically. Just place the Gateway within a 100-foot range of one or more loggers and connect it to your local Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If an excursion occurs, alerts can be sent from InTempConnect via email and text to a user-defined group of administrators.

In addition to flexible alarm notification capabilities, the CX Gateway can automate the process of downloading data from one or more InTemp loggers within range. It can automatically download loggers at fixed intervals – daily, weekly or monthly – or upon arrival of shipments. This saves time and eliminates the need to remove loggers to download them. No more missed downloads of temperature data for your critical temperature-sensitive shipments.


Included Items:

  • Mounting Kit
  • AC Adapter

Required Items:

  • InTempConnect account
  • InTemp App
  • A BLE-enabled device with iOS/Android
  • CX Series loggers


Download the specification documents

User Manual

data sheet

Highlighted Features

  • Notifies you of temperature excursions anywhere, anytime
  • Reduces the risk of loss - ensures you keep a close eye on the stability budget
  • Reduces the amount of time spent on data logger download and compliance
  • Automates data downloads from InTemp CX400 and 500 Series loggers



For more information visit InTemp or check out the Onset YouTube channel