Cryogenic Data Logger - CX70x
Cryogenic Data Logger - CX70x
Cryogenic Data Logger - CX70x


Cryogenic Data Logger

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Do you need the CX702 or CX703?:CX703: Multiple-use

The InTemp CX702/CX703 Cryogenic data logger is a low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled single/multiple-use logger that records temperature data for up to 365 days. The CX70x’s built-in 1.5m probe measures temperatures as low as -200°C (-328°F) and includes a protective sheath to prevent accidental cutting of the cable.


Using the InTemp® app on your mobile device, you can easily configure the CX703 with one of the multiple preset configurations, or set up a custom configuration. The logger has a built-in alarm to alert you to excursions. And logger reports can be quickly downloaded to your phone or tablet and uploaded to an InTempConnect® account, where you can analyze and export data as needed.


With the optional CX Gateway, you can get real-time notification of temperature excursions and automatically download data from loggers within range of the device. Learn more about the CX Gateway here.


Download the specification documents

CX702 User Manual

CX702data sheet

CX703 User Manual

CX703 data sheet

Highlighted Features:

  • Single-Point ILAC/ISO17025 NIST Certificate of Calibration, valid for one year from date of purchase (CX703 ONLY. CX703-UN is not NIST Calibrated; calibration can be performed by the user)
  • IATA Battery compliant
  • Record up to 14,000 data points
  • Anti-cut sheath
  • Integrates with mobile and cloud platforms for a 21CFR Part 11 compliant solution
  • Compact and lightweight – ideal for shipping pharmaceuticals
  • No need to open containers to access data
  • Ensures secure data via encrypted technology


For more information visit InTemp or check out the Onset YouTube channel