Soil Moisture Smart Sensor EC5 - S-SMC-M005


Soil Moisture Smart Sensor EC5

Sale priceR 4,791.88

This affordably-priced soil moisture sensor offers a two-tine design for easy installation. In addition, the EC-5 is a smart sensor, allowing users to launch monitoring systems quickly, easily, and affordably. Since HOBO data loggers recognize this sensor, no complicated programming or setup is required. The EC-5 integrates with the field-proven ECH2O™ Sensor and a 12-bit A/D. It provides ±3% accuracy in typical soil conditions and ±2% accuracy with soil-specific calibration. Readings are provided directly in volumetric water content. This sensor is designed to maintain low sensitivity to salinity and textural effects.  

Also available in a wireless model for use with the HOBOnet Field Monitoring System.

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Data Sheet

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Highlighted Features

  • Measures a 0.3-litre volume of soil
  • High-frequency (70 MHz) circuit provides good accuracy even in high-salinity and sandy soils.
  • Compatible with Onset stand-alone and web-based weather stations


In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in an outdoor environment.

What measurements does this sensor support?

The S-SMC-M005 sensor supports the following measurement: Soil Moisture


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