Electronic Switch Pulse Input Sensor Adapter (6m cable) - S-UCC-M006


Electronic Switch Pulse Input Sensor Adapter

Sale priceR 2,090.00

The Electronic Switch Pulse Input Adapter connects sensors with pulse outputs to data loggers with smart-sensor inputs. This Smart Sensor is compatible with electronic switch closures such as FET or open-collector outputs, or CMOS-level logic signals with a maximum input frequency of 120 Hz (120 pulses per second). See how the pulse recorder works.

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Data Sheet
User Manual


Highlighted Features


  • Plug-n-play adapter for pulse output sensors
  • Automatically recognized by HOBO Energy Logger
  • 6m cable length (extension cables available)


In what environment does this sensor operate?


This sensor operates in indoor and outdoor environments.


What measurements does this sensor support?

The S-UCC-M006 sensor supports the following measurement: Pulse Input


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