AZ 7291 Hydrocarbon Gas Leak Detector - Front View
AZ 7291 Hydrocarbon Gas Leak Detector - Back View

AZ Instrument Corp.

CH4 & C3H8 Analysis Meter

Sale priceR 1,739.29

This low-cost handheld detecting device that can be used for checking methane and propane gas leakages with bright 5-level leakage LED indicators, as well as status ready and low battery,  LED indicators. The device uses a reliable semi-conductor sensor and has an auto-calibration function while the meter powers on. The device sports a long, flexible stainless goose-neck detection probe as well as a built-in earphone jack for mute mode usage.


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Highlighted Features

  • A low-cost handheld device for checking gas leakages
  • Sensitive measurements for multi-gas detection, including methane, propane and even water vapour
  • Bright 5 level LED leakage indicator
  • Status ready and battery low LED indicator
  • Reliable semiconductor sensor
  • Built-in auto-calibration function while meter powers on
  • Long and flexible stainless steel gooseneck detection probe
  • Built-in earphone jack for silent use
  • Warm-up time in 60 seconds
  • Response time less than 10 seconds
  • Auto power off to save battery life


In what environment does this instrument operate?

The 7291 AZ Hydrocarbon Gas Detector can be used in the gas extraction environment such as waste disposal, livestock farming, coal mining, kitchen or home living room. It also can measure the gas from the car exhaust pipe.


What measurements does this instrument support?

The portable 7291 AZ Gas tester can measure natural gas, Methane (CH4) and Propane (C3H8), or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which has been widely used as part of safety systems.


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