Dry Ice Data Logger - LIBERO CD
Dry Ice Data Logger - LIBERO CD


Dry Ice Data Logger - LIBERO CD

Sale priceR 2,457.35

Multi-level, single-use, PDF Logger with an internal probe for direct placement in dry ice.

Measuring range: -95 °C to +50 °C; Up to 8 temperature alarm zones, and alarm on logging time;

Connection: USB, generates PDF with alarm statistics and graph; Expiry date according to label (auto-expiry)


Download the specification documents

User Manual

data sheet

Highlighted Features

  • Internal temperature sensor for placement directly into dry ice
  • Covers all scenarios experienced in dry ice, also below -80 °C
  • Fully functional immediately upon removing from dry ice
  • Unmatched accuracy, fully calibrated with traceable certificate
  • Compatible with liberoMANAGER cold chain database


For more information visit ELPRO or go to the YouTube channel