LIBERO ITS - Freeze (>0 °C)
LIBERO ITS - Freeze (>0 °C)


LIBERO ITS - Freeze (>0 °C)

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LIBERO ITS is a device for continuous temperature monitoring and calculating the remaining stability budget of pharmaceutical products or clinical studies along the entire supply chain. It is thin and small enough to go on clinical kits and sales units of pharmaceuticals and durable enough to stay on the product during its entire shelf life for up to 4 years. Pre-configured with Standard Configuration Profile A003 (No Freeze above 0° C).

LIBERO ITS manages deviations for up to 6 alarm levels. The alarm status is always visible and can be extracted wirelessly via the Smartphone app. Follow all your shipments in the same database: LIBERO ITS is compatible with liberoMANAGER, ELPRO’s cold chain database.



Download the specification documents

User Manual

data sheet

Highlighted Features

  • Thin and small, durable, smart and cost-effective
  • Quick implementation, also by 3rd parties
  • Compatible with liberoMANAGER cold chain database
  • 100% calibrated, conforms to regulatory guidelines
  • Stability monitoring along the entire supply chain –
  • last-mile intelligence

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