Bluetooth Water Level Data Logger - MX2001
Bluetooth Water Level Data Logger - MX2001
Bluetooth Water Level Data Logger - MX2001
Bluetooth Water Level Data Logger - MX2001


HOBO Water Level Data Logger

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Type:Fresh Water

The HOBO® MX2001 is the industry’s first water level data logger designed for convenient wireless setup and download from mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy. The logger dramatically simplifies and lowers the cost of field data collection by providing wireless access to high-accuracy water level and temperature measurements right from a mobile phone or tablet.

The MX2001 logger consists of a top-end unit and a water level sensor which are sold as a set, plus a direct read cable to connect them. Cables can be ordered in lengths from 0.2 to 500m for deployment in a wide range of wells.


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Highlighted Features


  • Wireless data offload to mobile devices using Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Integrated barometric pressure sensor enables direct water level readout
  • Direct read cable connects the sensor to top-end logger/transmitter
  • The cable includes Kevlar strength member
  • Cables are interchangeable so loggers are easy to redeploy in future applications
  • The logger and sensor add 0.39 meters to the length of the cable
  • Cable length can vary up to 3% from the length ordered
  • The 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60-meter cable lengths are in stock; custom cable lengths have a 2 to 4 week lead time
  • The reference water level can be entered at the start of the deployment
  • Use HOBOconnect app for setup, data viewing and data sharing 
  • Powered by two user-replaceable AA batteries in the top-end unit
  • Several logging modes: normal, multi-rate logging and event-triggered burst-logging
  • Durable ceramic sensor
  • Available with stainless steel or titanium sensor ends
  • 3-point NIST-traceable calibration certificate included for the water pressure sensor

In what environment does this data logger operate?

This data logger operates in outdoor and underwater environments.


What measurements does this data logger support?

The MX2001 data logger supports the following measurements: Absolute Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Differential Pressure, Temperature, Water Level and Water Temperature


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