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NSS310 Current & Light Sensor

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Introducing the NSS310 Wireless Light Sensor and 1-Phase Current Meter with 1x75A Clamp-On CT, to provide comprehensive monitoring solutions for single-phase electrical input current and ambient light intensity. This innovative device seamlessly integrates into LoRaWAN networks, delivering real-time data through a chip module that adheres to the LoRaWAN wireless protocol, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection in gateway systems.

The NSS310 is equipped with a split-core current transformer, facilitating hassle-free connection to measuring devices. Its versatile design allows easy installation, optimizing the detection of current from various devices. With a commitment to excellence, this product employs the SX1276 wireless communication module, guaranteeing efficient and seamless data transmission.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes SX1276 wireless communication module for robust connectivity
  • Powered by 2 sections of ER14505 batteries (3.6V each) in parallel, offering extended battery life
  • Boasts an IP53 protection level for the main body and an IP30 protection level for the Clamp-On CT
  • Features a magnet-attached base for effortless mounting on ferromagnetic objects
  • Equipped with a convenient clamp-on CT for simplified current detection
  • LoRaWAN Class A compatibility for efficient communication
  • Incorporates Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) for enhanced signal reliability
  • Offers integration with third-party online wireless sensor monitoring and notification systems, allowing sensor configuration, data visualization, and alert settings through SMS and email (optional)
  • Supported by third-party platforms including Actility/ThingPark, TTN, and MyDevices/Cayenne
  • Optimized power management for prolonged battery life


Electrical Characteristics

Specification Value
Power Supply 2 section of ER14505 lithium battery in parallel (3.6V 2200mAh/ section)
Battery Life 5 years (ambient temperature 25℃, report every 30 mins, txpower = 20dBm, LoRa spreading factor SF = 10)
Stand-by Current 36uA
Wake-up Current 7mA
Battery Measurement Accuracy ± 0.1V
Current Measurement Error Value < ± 1%
Current Resolution 1mA
Current Measurement Accuracy 100mA to 75A (varies based on current transformer configuration)


Module Characteristics

Specification Value
Wake-up Current Range 0.8mA-8mA / 3.3V
RF Receiving Current 11 mA / 3.3V
RF Emission Current 120 mA / 3.3V



Specification Value
Frequency Range 863MHz-928MHz, 470MHz-510MHz
TX Power Varies by region
Receiving Sensitivity (LoRa) -136dBm (SF = 12, Bit Rate = 293bps)
Receiving Sensitivity (FSK) -121dBm (Frequency deviation = 5kHz, Bit Rate = 1.2kbps)
Antenna Type Built-in antenna
Communication Distance Up to 10 km (actual distance depends on environment)
Data Transfer Rate 0.3kbps to 50kbps (LoRaWAN), 1.2kbps to 300kbps (FSK)
Modulation System Mode LoRa / FSK
Available LoRaWAN Bands Varies by region


Split-core Current Transformer Parameters

Specification Value
Rated Primary Input Current 30A, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Rated Secondary Output Current 10mA
Saturation Current ≥75A
Transformation Ratio 3000:1
Load Resistance 10Ω
Accuracy 1%
Isolation Withstand Voltage 3000V
Housing Material Flame retardant grade 94-V0 UL material
Environmental Protection ROHS compliant
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +85℃


Light Sensor

Specification Value
Supply Voltage Range 1.7VDC-3.6VDC
Light Sensor Model LTR-308ALS-01 (LITEON)
Illuminance Range 0.01 LUX - 157K LUX
Illuminance Accuracy ±20% under sunlight, ±10% under stable and controlled light sources
Communication Method I2C communication



Specification Value
Main Body Dimension L:112mm * W:88.19mm * H:32mm
CT Sensor Dimension H:42.5mm * L:27.5mm * W:25mm
Main Body Weight 141g
CT Sensor Weight 49.6g
CT Sensor External Wiring Length 900mm
Ambient Operating Temp. Range -20℃ to 55℃
Ambient Storage Temp. Range -40℃ to 85℃
Ambient Humidity Range <90% RH (No condensation)
Fixed Way Screw / Magnet



  • Smart city
  • Thermal system devices
  • The environment that needs to detect the light intensity
  • Indoor current detecting devices for homes, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, etc.