Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger RCW-360 Series
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger RCW-360 Series
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger RCW-360 Series
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger RCW-360 Series


Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

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Network Communication Type:Wi-Fi
Select the appropriate sensor(s) that you may require:Ultra-low Temperature with 2 Sensors

Elitech’s RCW-360 Series cold chain data logger is a high-tech temperature recorder based on networking technology. This device is a wireless IoT temperature and humidity monitor, providing functions such as real-time monitoring, alarm, data recording and uploading, large screen display, etc. Together with the "Elitech iCold" platform and app, it features functions such as remote data viewing, historical data query, remote alarm push, equipment GPS positioning, etc, and is widely used to monitor temperature-sensitive products during storage and transportation. A built-in rechargeable lithium battery can provide real-time data uploading and platform alarming service, even in case of a cold-storage power outage.


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Highlighted Features

  • Multiple Cloud Services: Standard plan (free) provides you with email notifications, remote setting, and 30 days data review and storage; Advanced and professional plan available, which provides you with 3-5 years of data storage, data export, user management, and FDA service. 
  • Low Consumption & Long Lasting: Built-in, rechargeable lithium battery, ultra-low power consumption, rechargeable battery lasting up to 3 months after full cycle charging.
  • Multiple Alarms: The device provides sound and light alarm, app notification push, email alarm, cloud platform alarm in case of an emergency.
  • Large On-Board Capacity: To prevent accidents records 20,000 offline temperature points and uploads after Wi-Fi restores.
  • Powerful LCD Display: Equipped with LCD which can offer rich information, such as temperature and humidity, alarm status, signal strength, time, power, etc. It is suitable for remote temperature and humidity monitoring of cold chain transportation, life science, pharmacy, medical science, etc.


In what environment does this device operate?

This device operates in indoor environments.

What parameters does this device support?

This device supports temperature and humidity measurements.


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