SenseCAP Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor - SC237
SenseCAP Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor - SC237
SenseCAP Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor - SC237

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SenseCAP Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor

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The SC237 Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor comes in the shape of a leaf, simulating the wetness and temperature on a real leaf. It measures leaf wetness and temperature, providing insights for pest control, irrigation, and other management that is optimal for plant and crop health. The SC237 Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor is IP68 rated and the output signal can be RS485, Analog Voltage, or Analog Current and can be widely used in applications such as outdoor farming, in greenhouses, plant research, and other scenarios where leaf wetness and temperature are important. 


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  • Compact design: 2-in-1 sensor with leaf wetness & temperature measurement 
  • Supports multiple output Interfaces: MODBUS-RTU RS485, analogue voltage, and analogue current
  • Simulates the real leaf thermal resistance by sensing shape and thickness
  • Robustness: IP68 rated, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for harsh environments
  • Suitable for industrial use: high accuracy with excellent stability
  • Reverse power protection and Built-in TVS/ESD protection


In what environment does this device operate?

This device is suitable for use indoors in scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouses, outdoor farming, gardening, precision agriculture, and other professional environmental monitoring scenarios.

What parameters does this device support?

This device supports the following parameters: Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature.


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