Single-Use NFC Temperature Indicator - TI-2S


Single-Use NFC Temperature Indicator

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TI-2S is a temperature sticker with 3800 points of memory, mainly used in life science, biological agents, cold chain food, precision instrument fields just to name a few applications. The product is compact, user-friendly, reliable, and easy to start and stop. It is especially suitable for small packaged products. It supports the reading of key data wirelessly during monitoring via handheld terminals such as mobile phones with NFC functions, and a long battery life ensures data recording during the entire use process.


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Highlighted Features

  • Easy to start and stop by breaking the sticker on top/bottom.
  • Fast transfer and view report on your Android device (Phone or Tablet) via the free app using NFC.
  • Small and light, making it convenient to attach with any package.
  • 3 years long battery life, providing temperature recording on the whole shipment.
  • Trusted in the storage and transportation of many cold chain applications such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food and beverages, and precision instruments for example.


In what environment does this data logger operate?

This data logger operates in indoor environments.

What measurements does this data logger support?

The TI-2S data logger supports the following measurements: Temperature.


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