Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger
Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger

AZ Instrument Corp.

Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger

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This Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger product could attach the external RTD Pt1000 temperature probe, which could insert to the container or other measuring object.

It can show the dual temperature values, including the air and sensor temperature. The logger can export the report with Excel or PDF format. Can plug into PC easily, which would not need to install any software in advance. 

It could be used for the warehouse, work space, laboratories, basement, wine cellar, aircraft cabins, refrigerate truck (cold chain logistic), storage containers in food transport/ logistic / processing, incubation process, hatcheries, art galleries, museum, HVAC field or other controlled environment. It can be met with the formal tracking purpose of the transportation especially for Pharmaceutical industry, hospital, lab, factory or other industrial environment. It could be best tool for quality control requirement.


User Manual
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Highlighted Features

  • Plug & Play temperature data logger
  • Software & driver are not required for any operation
  • Automatically generate a PDF and Excel report while plugged into computer
  • Report Contains summary, graph and detailed data
  • Completely User re-programmable: 6 languages, sampling interval, start delay, alarm delay, unit, alarm range, alarm type, password and user name
  • One Key operation to know leftover battery life time