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The Unexpected Evolution of Pharma Cold Chain

With the expansion of IoT in many aspects of collecting, sending and acting on data – this technology can be incorporated to ensure better day to day operations in your business.
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EUCA Technologies has established itself as a specialist in fixed and portable data acquisition systems which can be used seamlessly in your pharma cold chain business. With the expansion of IoT in many aspects of collecting, sending and acting on data – this technology can be incorporated to ensure better day to day operations in your business.

The standalone private enterprise-grade
IoT application

NviroSense developed by EUCA Technologies offers full ownership and control over your IoT network implementation and can be installed locally behind corporate firewalls or at your cloud service provider of choice.
This end-user application will monitor your entire sensor network, perfect for large-scale warehousing, multi-site corporates, logistics and products that require a high sensor coverage and environmental control.

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The year of the Supply Chain

According to a recently published article by Nick Basta, Founder of Pharmaceutical Commerce, last year was, for not entirely favourable reasons, the Year of the Supply Chain. From creating massive backlogs at global ports to being held responsible for a spate of inflation in the US economy; the intricacies of modern supply chains have been spotlighted as never before.

The global pharma industry, requiring both sources of supply and outlets for distribution, has been subject to these same global problems. But within the overall industry, the situation of cold chain product distribution – the pharma cold chain – has had an extraordinary evolution.

The primary reason for this evolution is the need for refrigerating
COVID-19 vaccines.

More than 50 million doses have been delivered to South Africa and the majority of them required either conventional 2-8°C storage, or, in the case of the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and others, subzero storage and transport. These requirements, on top of the double-digit growth that pharma cold chain logistics has been experiencing for over a decade, supercharged business activity among the companies that provide equipment, technology and services.

Only some of this growth can be accounted for by the growth of traditional cold chain pharma shipments. A significant portion of the growth is due to the extraordinary effort to deliver refrigerated COVID-19 vaccines around the world. However, the biggest source of the growth has been the widespread disruptions in supply chain and logistics services around the world, with both air and ocean freight jumping by multiples of magnitude in 2020 and 2021.

Another trend, supercharged by the pandemic, has been the development of IT services to track shipments across borders and transportation modes while providing near real-time reporting of conditions including temperature, location and status. More recently, through a combination of sensors and data loggers with the shipment, plus GPS tracking and reporting via cloud-based data services, the shipment itself can be an entity in IoT, reporting back to the shipper regardless of the container, the airline or trucking firm, or the logistics provider on each leg of the journey. Tracking services will enable yet another element of the pharma cold chain to grow: more sustainable business practices.

The upshot of all this activity is that the pharma industry will have access to a wider range of services, and better capacity globally, for temperature-controlled shipping across a wider range of temperatures.

The services are still in a state of adjustment, given all the quirks of global supply chains. But when “normal” conditions prevail, the industry will find more service providers, with a better level of capability, covering a wider range of geographies.

EUCA can assist your pharma operations with our wide range of CFR21 Compliant products including mapping, validation and SANAS accredited calibration services.