Dissolved Oxygen USB Data Logger - eucatech Store
Dissolved Oxygen USB Data Logger - eucatech Store
Dissolved Oxygen USB Data Logger - eucatech Store
Dissolved Oxygen USB Data Logger - eucatech Store


Dissolved Oxygen USB Data Logger

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SKU: U26-001


An affordable, precise data logger that measures oxygen concentrations in lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters. Recommended for aquatic biology and hydrology research projects, this easy-to-maintain logger uses RDO® Basic (Rugged Dissolved Oxygen) optical DO sensor technology.



Requires HOBOware Pro software and either a U-DTW-1 Waterproof Shuttle or the Base-U-4 Optic USB Base Station for configuration and data offload. 


Data Sheet
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Highlighted Features

  • Affordable, high-performance dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring with 0.2 mg/L accuracy
  • Optical DO sensor technology for long-lasting calibration with less maintenance
  • HOBOware Pro's Dissolved Oxygen Assistant software corrects for measurement drift from fouling; provides salinity-adjusted DO concentrations and percent saturation
  • Optical USB interface for high-speed, reliable data offload
  • User-replaceable DO sensor cap eliminates the need to send the logger back to the factory to replace the membrane

NOTE: For DO measurements in saltwater, an adjustment for salinity is required. For waters with small changes in salinity (<2 ppt), a salinity meter reading typically provides enough accuracy. For environments with greater salinity changes, we generally recommend the HOBO U24-002-C Conductivity logger. If you need DO in Percent Saturation, barometric pressure data is required, which can be logged with a HOBO U20-001-04 Water Level logger.


Parameter Value
Dissolved Oxygen
Sensor Type Optical
Measurement Range 0 to 30 mg/L
Calibrated Range 0 to 20 mg/L; 0 to 35°C (32 to 95°F)
Accuracy ±0.2 mg/L up to 8 mg/L; ±0.5 mg/L from 8 to 20 mg/L
Resolution 0.02 mg/L
Response Time To 90% in less than 2 minutes
DO Sensor Cap Life 6 months, cap expires 7 months after initialization
Temperature Measurement/Operating Range -5 to 40°C (23 to 104°F); non-Freezing
Temperature Accuracy 0.2°C (0.36°F)
Temperature Resolution 0.02°C (0.04°F)
Response Time To 90% in less than 30 minutes
Memory 21,700 sets of DO and temperature measurements (64 KB total memory)
Logging Rate 1 minute to 18 hours
Time Accuracy ±1 minute per month at 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Battery 3.6 V lithium battery; factory replaceable
Battery Life 3 years (at 5-minute logging)
Download Type Optical
Depth Rating 100 m (328 ft)
Buoyancy Saltwater: 13 g (0.46 oz) negative | Freshwater: 20 g (0.71 oz) negative
Wetted Materials Black Delrin®, PVC, EPDM o-rings, silicone bronze screws; rated for saltwater use
Size 39.6 mm diameter x 266.7 mm length (1.56 x 10.5 inches)
Weight 272.4 g (9.61 oz)
Environmental Rating IP68


In what environment does this data logger operate?

This data logger operates in an underwater environment.

What measurements does this data logger support?

The U26-001 data logger supports the following measurements: Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature