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Handheld WBGT Meter - eucatech Store
Handheld WBGT Meter - eucatech Store
Handheld WBGT Meter - eucatech Store

AZ Instrument Corp.

Handheld WBGT Meter

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The 87782 AZ Handheld WBGT monitor measures air temperature, globe temperature, and humidity in order to give a heat stress index for use in the control of physical activities in hot environments to limit the danger of heat-related injuries.

Highlighted Features

  • Simultaneously display WBGT, temperature & humidity
  • One button switch to check Air/ Globe temperature & In/Out WBGT
  • Designed with a capacitance-type humidity sensor to get an accurate and quick reading
  • Backlight indicator function (Green, yellow, red, flashing red) as WBGT condition reminder
  • Easy-to-read big LCD display with 6 dust-proof rubber keys
  • Clear sheath to protect humidity sensor during storage
  • Filter to protect humidity sensor from dust scratch during operation
  • 75 mm black metal ball to measure globe temperature
  • Temperature unit ℃/℉ switchable
  • Hold function to freeze reading and Max/Min function included
  • Battery low indicator & Sleep mode can be disabled
  • Tripod receptacle design for long-time use
  • Audible beeper for danger zone warning
  • Built-in PC interface for real-time download
  • Humidity self-calibration via salt bottles kit


The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is a composite temperature used to estimate the effect of temperature, humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation on humans.

The Handy 87782 AZ Portable WBGT Meter could measure air temperature, global temperature, and humidity to give a heat stress index for use in the control of physical activity in a hot environment to limit the danger of heat-related injuries.

The 87782 AZ Portable WBGT Meter can show different backlight colours to distinguish the different temperature values/levels. There are 4 kinds of WBGT indicators as follows,
1. Green backlight: 26.7~29.4℃
2. Yellow backlight: 29.4~31℃
3. Red backlight: 31~32℃
4. Red Flashing backlight: above 32.2℃

So the 87782 AZ Portable WBGT Meter could be the best tool for monitoring outdoor activities and Preventing people to get Heat Stroke.

The 87782 AZ Portable WBGT Meter could be operated by industrial hygienists, athletes, and the military to determine appropriate exposure levels to high temperatures. Military agencies, OSHA, and many nations use the WBGT as a guide to manage workload in direct sunlight.

A user could download the real-time value of 87782 AZ Portable WBGT Monitor via USB cable to a PC for data analysis. It could be applied for measuring the WBGT value in construction, iron and steel foundries, brick-firing plants, glass facilities, boiler rooms, mining sites, army training, marathon, beach activities, and so on.