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Chroni Co: A Medical Cannabis Success Story

Chroni Co, a medical cannabis business, received their SAHPRA license in August 2021 after a challenging three-year journey. They employ EUCA's Nvirosense data loggers for real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, essential for cannabis growth and exportation.

A Case Study in Medical Cannabis Supply Chain Innovation

In recent years, the medical cannabis industry has been expanding rapidly, with Chroni Co leading the way. The company's journey began when James Simpson approached Carl Van De Merwe and the Van De Merwe family with a vision to establish a medical cannabis business. Their goal was to export high-quality THC flowers to various legal countries that had recently opened up.

Building a facility and getting licensed by SAPHRA is no easy feat, it took the Chroni Co team about three years of hard work to achieve their goal. However, the team's efforts paid off when they received their license in August 2021. One of the essential elements that contributed to the success of Chroni Co was the use of Nvirosense data loggers provided by EUCA Technologies.

EUCA had the fortunate opportunity to interview Seth Copans the Head Quality Manager of the growing facility, in this case study, we take a deep dive into how EUCA Technologies has helped Chroni Co, by providing cutting-edge IoT environmental monitoring devices on the NviroSense platform, we have helped them optimise their production process and improve the quality and consistency of their product.

Our cloud-based SaaS system enables Chroni Co to gather and analyse real-time data on environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to enhance their yields and reduce wastage.

Nvirosense Data Loggers

The responsible pharmacist recommended the Nvirosense data loggers to Chroni Co saying it is due to their use case studies and ability to capture and monitor temperature and humidity. Cannabis plants grow in a sensitive environment, making it crucial to have access to real-time information on temperature and humidity fluctuations that could stress the plants. With the Nvirosense system, the Chroni Co team could access data from any mobile web point at any time.

"The sensitive environment in which cannabis plants grow makes it essential to have access to real-time information on temperature and humidity fluctuations that could stress the plants out."

Chroni Co had several options for data logger suppliers, but they ultimately decided to work with EUCA Technologies they stated that it was due to our layout and design of the solution, back-end support, and the ease of adding multiple devices into the gateway. "EUCA Technologies provided excellent conceptualization, pricing, and back-end support since the beginning of the engagement with the Nvirosense team." Said Seth Copans, Head of Quality at Chroni Co.


Remote monitoring is essential

After-sales and maintenance support were also critical factors that led Chroni Co to choose EUCA Technologies as their trusted supplier. "The company didn't just drop the units and forget about the customers; they provided support with all after-sales and maintenance requirements outside the scope of work." Said Seth.nvirosense data logger at chroni co

In conclusion, Chroni Co's success in the medical cannabis industry is a testament to the team's hard work and dedication. The use of Nvirosense data loggers from EUCA Technologies played a significant role in the company's success, allowing the team to monitor the environment and ensure that the cannabis plants were growing in optimal conditions. Chroni Co also mentioned that our after-sales and maintenance support were also critical factors that led Chroni Co to choose us as their trusted supplier.